Sorry, illness delayed today’s post. It’ll go up Saturday, but I can promise you that the delay will be worthwhile (for one, I’ll have a voice to record the accompanying videos). So instead, spoilers!

What do Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Chross, and Chrono Trigger all have in common?

  1. Plot
  2. Music

And does Doctor Who Series 11 share any of those things?

What does Dave Brubeck have in common with a feathered beast of burden?

Am I the only one who hears this Dave Brubeck song and thinks of this Final Fantasy song?

And let’s not even talk about this song.

If you’re a music nerd, you may think you already know what my next post is going to be about.

But actually, it’s about the contrast between episodic and serial media, using the topic alluded to above as an analogy of sorts.

Any thoughts?


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