More Miska: 1/27/2016 pt.2

Sorry about the cliffhanger last time.  It might happen again.

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More Miska: 1/27/2016

And so begins the chaotic finale.  Rough drafts, etc., you know the drill.  Have fun!

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More Miska: 1/20/2016

Next, everything goes wrong.

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Belated Flash Fiction: 5 Sentences

I missed my post for Friday, but I have it here for you anyway.  Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fic challenge for the week was a five sentence story, laid out in this fashion:

Sentence 1: Beginning / Inciting Incident

Sentence 2: Middle

Sentence 3: Middle peak, act turn or pivot

Sentence 4: Climactic turn or twist

Sentence 5: Resolution

Also, it isn’t supposed to be more than 100 words.  Here’s my schoolwork-addled attempt.

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More Miska: 1/19-20/2016

I’ve got more for you.

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More Miska: 1/19/2016 pt.2

Closing in on the last material I have…

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More Miska: 1/19/2016

Do you still like Miska?  I have plenty more to share.  But I admit that we’re getting close to the end of the material I was able to finish before classes began this semester.  I’ll have to find something new to share with you soon!

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Flash Fiction: I Bow To None

This week’s new flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig is to write a story inspired by the seven deadly sins.  I chose randomly, and ended up with Pride.  Solid, fun stuff.

It’s the same setting as one of my recent experiments, the one set in a flooded Florida, but focuses on Latour instead of Pat and Pat.  Enjoy!

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More Miska: 1/13/2016 cont.

Immediately after the fight…

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