Publishing Schedule

Consistent readers may notice that I’ve gone completely off of my usual Tuesday/Thursday schedule, so here’s an update as to what’s up:

  1. It’s my birthday! Or…it was. There was cake and stuff.
  2. I’m moving. Moving is stressful! Gotta find a new house, and apply, and pay lots of money and stuff.
  3. I’m starting a new blog. It’s mostly unrelated, but I feel bad for not having new stuff to post, so if you liked this post or this post or this post, you may like my new blog, Black by Popular Demand. But it’s not about games or science fiction, and it’s generally heavier.
  4. I’m moving more towards creative content (short stories or chapters) here. That takes a little longer, but I’d like to think it has more payoff! The first one should be around next week!

What do you think?

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