Computer Game Gossip! Blackbird’s new game will be in the Homeworld universe



So, this is not what I usually write about.  But I was given some really great news and I thought I should share it with the rest of you.  You know how Gearbox acquired the rights to that totally sweet game Homeworld?  I know, I know, it came out in 1999 which is practically forever ago, but it was still pretty incredible… rather than review it right now, I’ll just say that I loved playing that game, loved watching that game, and loved listening to that game.  Anyway, Gearbox just signed a deal to allow Blackbird, a company founded in part by people involved in making the original Homeworld, to publish their new game Hardware: Shipbreakers as a part of the Homeworld universe.

I also haven’t mentioned how excited I am by how Hardware looks, so I forgive you if you are confused.  Check it out:


You’re in command of the little folks next to the big hulking wreck

The most important things to know about Hardware are that it is made by people who know how to make good strategy games, and that it is about finding and harvesting massive spaceshipwrecks (you know, shipwrecks, but with spaceships) and protecting said wrecks from others who would harvest them instead of you.  It also looks incredibly pretty (videos behind the link), and sounds great already.

I honestly don’t know much more than that, and since I don’t have a full article put together on the topic of Homeworld or Hardware right now, I’ll leave it as is.  I strongly suggest that you check out Hardware if you like the original Homeworld, and that you play Homeworld if you haven’t ever tried it.  The latter is especially true if you like SPACE, and/or real-time strategy games that come complete with glorious soundtracks which convey the looming threats which fill the vastnesses of the interstellar vacuum.

P.S. Just so you know, my source at PAX Dev did get permission from Randy Pitchford of Gearbox to share the news.  Also, because I know Rock Paper Shotgun has a number of articles on Hardware already, here are some links: an interview, teaser trailers, more news and trailers, a unit reveal, and some gameplay.  The videos there can also be found through the earlier link marked “pretty.”


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