New Flash Fiction En Route!

Once again Chuck Wendig has provided me with a prompt to play with, and I intend to share the results here.  I won’t be sharing them with you today though, because I spent most of today in a car.  This time around, the prompt is “X meets Y,” a theme in keeping with nonsensical high-speed elevator pitches.  I ended up rolling a few times on the table Wendig provided because my first result seemed too surreal, but my natural stubbornness inclines me towards using the first result anyway.  I’ll tell you what that was later, and share the ones that I’m not writing instead: Fast and the Furious meets The Godfather, and The Matrix meets True Grit.  Maybe I’ll get around to writing those some other time.

I should also note that I’m now going to be in classes on Wednesdays.  My posting schedule may change some time in the near future, to avoid timing conflicts.  I’ll be sure to let you know if/when it does.


2 responses to “New Flash Fiction En Route!

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