Flash Fiction Challenge: Attack of the Titles

I have been driving around with my brothers today, on our way to visit our mother for a big party / art show of hers.  To make up for my delayed post, I’ve overdone Chuck Wendig’s “come up with a title” challenge for this week; instead of giving you only one title, I’ll give you, um, fourteen.  Or maybe sixteen, though I suppose at least four of them are either variations or jokes of some sort.  Oddly enough, I found it far easier to write too many titles than to write just one.  As long as I thought I only had to write one, I felt kind of stuck.  Once I knew I was writing “lots,” I felt free to write whatever the hell came to mind.  It worked pretty well, I think.  Go past the break to read my list.  Quality not guaranteed.

Some Titles, I Guess:

  1. The Regrettable Decisions of Palmer Fudge Sunday
  2. Two Ten-Ton Trucks
  3. Tallying Up
  4. Good Morning, Dear
  5. Dead in My Tracks
  6. Dead in Your Tracks
  7. Dead in the Water
  8. Your Questions Will Not Be Answered
  9. Practicing Discourtesy
  10. Broken Strands
  11. On the Strand
  12. Too Many Sharks
  13. Please Hang Up and Try Again
  14. Unbeknownst to You…
  15. Prologue
  16. Christ, What an Asshole

What do you think?

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