Depth-Based Adventure Sites

I didn’t have anything for you on Friday, but my friend M has an excellent piece here on creating randomly generated labyrinthine locations and encounters! I like it, and want to use it for my own games.

I’ll be done with being super busy soon, and will return to my usual schedule as quickly as possible.

Monster Darlings

Many of us know the joy of describing a complex dungeon and watching our friends studiously attempt to chart it out on graph paper, in many cases distorted by the “picture-telephone effect.”  And mapping out a dungeon can be serious fun for a DM.  But sometimes, adventurers want to explore a place which should, by rights, be so tremendously complicated as to be un-fun to map out.

Consider the maze of sewers under a major city.  They’re a perfect dungeon in theory, but in practice they’re literally miles of sprawling tunnels that pass over and under each other vertically.  The same goes for catacombs, labyrinth dimensions, non-Euclidean Lovecraft ruins, haunted forests, and psychic purgatories (made of halls full of doors with, presumably, live-action train footage on the other side).  All of these places are too vast and too maddeningly complicated for a team of adventurers to explore them in their…

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