I’m traveling, hence missing my regular post yesterday. I have some thoughts to share in short essay form some time soon, but I didn’t manage to finish writing them before I left. Because I was traveling I also saw some movies, so here’re some quick sleep-deprived impressions.

See How They Run was a lot of fun. It plays around a lot with foreshadowing, and is very self-aware (maybe too self-aware for some). But I had lots of fun with the cast; Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan make a great leading duo, and I would happily watch the rest do their thing again.

Amsterdam was… kind of painful? I didn’t keep watching it. The structure, the delivery of lines—it felt like it wanted to be avant-garde, but didn’t land with the level of polish to make me forget the artifice.

I might miss a normal post next week too. We’ll see!


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