Servant of the Dragon, by David Drake

Servant of the Dragon is the third book in the epic fantasy series Lord of the Isles, written by David Drake.  Published in 1999, it is a excellent sequel and addresses the few issues that I previously had with the series while continuing the better traditions of the first two books.  I recommended the series before, I recommend it even more strongly now.  If you want to dive into a fantasy setting built on the sunken ruins of an Atlantean past, constructed from the stones of Sumerian mythology and mortared with Greek and Roman poetry, this is the series for you.

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Queen of Demons, by David Drake

Queen of Demons is the second book in the Lord of the Isles series, printed in 1998.  David Drake continues to show that he knows his craft, with this sequel giving a suitably dramatic follow-up to the beginning of the epic.  This time I wasn’t skeptical at all, and I was right not to be.  That musty scent of genuine historic fantasy setting, cobbled together from the corpses of bits of real history, takes life once more.

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Lord of the Isles, by David Drake

I had always thought of David Drake as a military sci-fi author.  He has a long history of writing exactly that, with Hammer’s Slammers and Northworld being the examples I’m most familiar with.  So when I came across Lord of the Isles while browsing his wikipedia page, I was a little surprised.  A renowned sci-fi author tries his hand at epic fantasy?

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