DIE, and other RPG development

I’ve been lucky to be part of several different people’s thoughts about RPGs in the past month.

At the beginning of April I was fortunate enough to playtest Kieron Gillen’s DIE RPG, which was Continue reading

Attack the Block: Would (Will) Watch Again

I watched this movie for the first time on Wednesday.  It was glorious.  I knew immediately upon watching it that I would have to mention it here.  I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who is capable of dealing with a little bit of gore.  It’s smart, it’s painful, it’s funny, it’s good.  And it’s exceedingly well made.

This movie manages to introduce a group of twelve or so characters, with eight or ten of them introduced in the first ten minutes of the film.  Though you’d be hard pressed to learn most of their names until you’re most of the way through the movie, you quickly know who they are and what they’re like.  They feel like individuals, real (sometimes entertainingly caricatured) people.  And the movie doesn’t punch down.

Look.  I don’t want to spoil anything for you.  I’m not going to break this down into some deeper analysis right now.  I just want you to know that you should give this movie a chance.  Unless you’re looking for something dumb and toothless, in which case you’re looking in the wrong place.