More Miska: 1/19/2016

Do you still like Miska?  I have plenty more to share.  But I admit that we’re getting close to the end of the material I was able to finish before classes began this semester.  I’ll have to find something new to share with you soon!

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Short Story: Jerome Goes North

A second story in my fantastical alternate history world; this one follows Jerome at a younger age, as he travels to trade with the Northmen.

*    *    *

It was one of those late summer days when the weather somehow thought it was late fall, and Jerome huddled into his wool cloak as the wind forced rain into his eyes.  A truly miserable day to be riding north into the hills on a narrow and winding dirt trail.  He had to manage the wagon as his team of oxen laboriously pulled it over every rut and stone they could find.  The rain had soaked through to his skin several hours back, shortly after he had broken camp with his retainers, and not one of them looked comfortable.  His uncle had neglected to mention anything like this.

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