Flash Fiction: Her Touch

I haven’t done one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges in a while, so I thought I’d do one again and share the results.  But I think I got more than I bargained for.  This week’s challenge was another subgenre mashup (last time gave us Dreams of Drowning); this time I rolled “Grimdark Fantasy” crossed with “BDSM Erotica.”

I hadn’t expected that.

But I think I’ve succeeded at delivering on those things, maybe?  It certainly is BDSM erotica, and I think the trappings are sufficiently grimdark fantasy-esque to qualify.  You’ve been warned.

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Flash Fiction: Dreams of Drowning

Well this one is grim.  Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge of the week was a subgenre mashup this time around, and I rolled “Dystopian” and “Satanic Horror.”  I’m not sure I like the results, but they seem appropriate.  I decided that dystopia was dark enough, and thought that I’d try for a Luciferian take on the whole “Satanic” bit this time around, but that apparently wasn’t enough to tip the scales towards the lighter side of things.  Even well intentioned Luciferians can’t compete with a dystopian state this time around.  I think I’m in need of something a little happier or more optimistic next time.


Her name was Lucille, and she wore the standard safety gear like a professional.  Her coveralls were a faded grungy black, but she had a crisp, clean patch sewn onto one shoulder, a simple black circle with a four pointed star falling, no, dangling from a parachute.  A flare.  There was a word around the bottom: Phosphorus. Continue reading