Losers (Netflix 2019)

Another snippet, like last week.

Losers might be the wrong title for this series. But I think that’s the point, and I think it’s a point worth making. Where sports narratives often feel caricatured or inevitable, this feels more human. It’s good.

I’ve been watching Losers in the background while cooking and doing house chores. I’ve had to rewind a few times to catch bits here and there; turns out neither my French nor my English are up to snuff. The first episode is an incredible rollercoaster, the second feels like it belongs in a game of Blood Bowl, the third… it’s very good—awe-inspiring really. Sad in some ways, triumphant in others, and a very human mix overall.

But I think that’s the point of the show. Losers tells the stories of people who experience the extremities of triumph and failure, and shows how they continue afterwards, where that takes them. That feels important to me. And while I don’t think this show has truly bucked the sports movie tropes that left me expecting a totally different direction from several of its episodes, I appreciate the way it emphasizes the value of moving on and finding oneself and one’s course even when dreams have been dashed or gone sour.


What do you think?

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