Azorius: A Teaser

This is the blurb/teaser to a universe I’ve been developing for use in a series of short stories (and soon to be an RPG):

Long ago, history tells of a great war between all the kingdoms, of magic that tore up the earth and sundered the sky, of demons and gods that walked the land, casting down hundreds where they glanced and calling down lightning from the heavens and fire from hell. These wars raged for decades, consuming all the races of the world. And when the dust parted and the blood cleared away, war was the least of anybody’s problems. The dead had risen. Few weapons could be used efficiently against the undead; mortal blows hardly even slowed them. In months, fully a third of the world’s cities were unlivable.

It was then that a major breakthrough was made: magic could damage, and destroy the undead. But while divine magic could repel the undead, arcane magic attracted them, worse, it could create them! Thus began the Great Purge. Any magic that wasn’t sanctioned by the church was hunted down, quickly and brutally.

Now, years later, the world is at an equilibrium. Maybe a quarter or a fifth of the cities and town from after the war survive, but they do survive. Each town is protected by a few priests; the larger the town, the more priests. And that protection remains under a few conditions: any magic users are turned over to the church, the church’s rituals are kept sacred, and the church can take anybody under the age of 18 into the clergy, at any time. If those rules are broken, the town risks losing its protection. And with these rules, rebuilding has begun, of cities and of roads. Of society.

But rumors linger, of rogue magic users who control hordes of undead, or of guilds of magic who seek to use the undead for their own nefarious research and goals, and worst, of corruption inside the church itself. But not all rumors are bad. Some tell of guilds of magic who seek to end the undead problem, of rogue magic-users who roam the countryside, seeking pockets of survivors or of magical artifacts that ward off the dead, and even of cities that escaped the devastation.

This is the realm of Azorius, and these are the tales of its people.


4 responses to “Azorius: A Teaser

  1. Gustaf,

    I follow your stuff on RoG. I love it. It’s cool to find out that you’re making an RPG. This sounds like a cool direction.

    I hate to be a jerk but are you aware that the name you’ve chosen for your world is the name of a significant and well known guild in Magic the Gathering?

    Most people probably won’t care, or notice, but I just wanted to check and see if you were aware of this. I thought you were building a world or an RPG based off of Magic for a bit.

    • Wow, I did not know that :p I played Tempest through Mirrodin, then Lorwyn through Rise of Eldrazi.

      (well, I did one draft in the new guild set, but I barely learned the guild names enough to tell them that I wanted Rachdos and…uh…I don’t even remember the other guilds names, but I went blue black red)

      I pretty much only do draft play, so I never pick up the lore…

      Now I have to figure out whether I should change it or not… Thank you for pointing that out, though!

      • It’s hilarious to see this happen to someone else. Sorry I didn’t point it out to you sooner, Mattias.

        I once made a setting built around the city of Ehrlitan, thinking that I was being super original and cool and such. Imagine my surprise when a series I was reading at the time (Malazan Book of the Fallen) mentioned the city of Ehrlitan. I must have picked up on it previously and then forgotten where I’d seen it.

        This unconscious seeding happens all the time, with some occasionally goofy results :)

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