Whoops: Ongoing Delays

Hey folks, sorry for the silence. Between my other obligations and stressing out about politics and the news, I’ve been pretty thoroughly distracted from Fistful. I expect that this will continue for another week or so, but I plan to change it.

Some of the things keeping me busy might also be things that excite you: I’ve submitted the first chapter of Barium Deep for consideration for PEN New England’s Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award, and I’m about to give a (totally rewritten) outline of Miska to my mentor as the beginning of this semester’s mentorship project. There are more cool things I’m doing too, but I’ll tell you about them later.

Wish me luck. I’ll be back here soon.


News, and presenting on That Cat Series

You know the one I’m talking about, Warriors: The Prophecies Begin. Yesterday was the class presentation, which means that I’m now done with it. Finally. Things were sadly rushed, so we didn’t get as much time to talk about the series in finer detail as I would have liked, but I think we got our point across. The series is mediocre, but effective at getting large quantities of unchallenging words in front of children.

This did mean that I was distracted and didn’t post here yesterday. That pattern of not posting is likely to continue this upcoming week (and maybe the week after) as I focus on my final paper and visiting with family. I’ll be back soon, and will likely post more things at random rather than according to a prescribed schedule. I have some sweet role-playing setting tidbits to share with you too, so stay tuned!

Whoops: November Update

Sorry, I’ve been a little busy. I just submitted another three chapters of Barium Deep to my mentor for review (she’s awesome, by the way) and getting that material out the door has kept me occupied.

Another thing stealing my time, creeping in around the edges of my schedule? Tales of Maj’Eyal (ToME). It’s a roguelike (but actually like the game Rogue, not just part of the modern fad of calling your game roguelike because it’s cool), and I’ve been enjoying it a great deal. I grew up playing the significantly less noob-friendly ADOM, aka Ancient Domains of Mystery, so ToME feels a good deal more forgiving. At least, it’s forgiving when you can hide behind your magical golem while hurling explosive gems at your foes.

Oddly enough, like ToME, ADOM now sports optional fancy tiled graphics that look nothing like my memories. It may sound like I’m grumping, but I’m actually quite happy to see ADOM continue development. I should admit, I’m okay with the new tiles mostly because they’re optional. I just wish we could see more progress on JADE (which I guess is now called ADOM II), another roguelike by the creator of ADOM. I liked the open world with randomly generated stories more than ADOM’s (by now) familiar quests.

Oh, I guess this is the new site for ADOM? Whatever. It’s a cool game, worth checking out.

Whoops: The Campening

Sorry folks, I’m away at camp! I will have posts for you next week, but definitely not this one.

End of Semester Delays

My posting won’t go back to normal for the next two weeks, I think. I’m too distracted by the things I have to finish for my last two sets of classes.

On the up side, I have had a chance to look at lots of books recently, and I have a few to recommend.

Naomi Novik’s Uprooted is a fun story in an awesome fantasy setting. My only reservations revolve around how it follows a bunch of romance genre conventions in a way that I find a little less appealing. This isn’t because I have something against good romance work — I love Bujold’s romance stories — but because I don’t like the dynamic between the two romance leads as much as I like the rest of the story. And to be clear, most of the story isn’t very heavy on the romance. But it is definitely there.

Hmm, that sounds less like the recommendation I thought I was writing and more like a warning. It’s a fun book, and I *do* recommend it. It has an Eastern European setting with witches and magic and Baba Yaga type stuff! What more could you want? I rather enjoyed it.

And, on the picturebook front, I strongly encourage you to look at Water Is Water, published last year. It is gorgeous. It has so much detail and setting layered into each image. As a Vermonter, it gave me little nostalgic quivers. It’s worth reading.

PAX Takes Time & Birds Are Amazing

I seem to be making a habit of missing my Friday post of late. This week it was because I was at PAX East with friends (wooo, those Friday night concerts were good). I had the pleasure of seeing Joshua AC Newman and Hannah Shaffer, the latter of whom introduced me to Birds Are Amazing. You can see some of Hannah’s other projects here, and some of Joshua’s here.

I’m now in love with Birds Are Amazing and have been playing it with my friends all weekend. If you aren’t yet aware of the marvelous world of birds, you can find the tip of the iceberg right here.

Did you know that puffins grow larger by combining with one another? It’s true. When trying to mate they sometimes accidentally collapse into one larger puffin. This growth process is why there are fewer and fewer chicks in a puffin nest as the babies grow larger. Puffin eggs are actually filled with millions of tiny puffins, slowly combining until only one larger chick remains. This also means that puffins are perpetually beset by relationship anxieties surrounding loss of identity and merging.

Last Days of Loneliness: 4/7/2016

Whoops. I missed Friday’s post. Fortunately I have some new material for Last Days of Loneliness, something I put together in response to questions from my workshop group at Simmons.


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Twitter flash fic

Sorry, I’ve spent all day reading for school and writing a paper.  But I have my Chuck Wendig-inspired #talesfromblackfriday tweet for you to enjoy:

You walk down an aisle of smiling boys labeled “Jimmy”
The sign above reads:


Sorry folks.  Today I combined taking a break from schoolwork with doing schoolwork… by which I mean I read Code Name Verity for several hours.  It’s really quite good so far, but I don’t have anything else to share with you today.  And now it is very definitely bed time.  I’ll try to have that horror piece for you next Friday.


I’m not trying to foster excitement by withholding posts from you (unless you prefer that narrative, in which case I am).  I’ve been busy with school and life and both of those things happening at the same time for the past week or so, and so I’m afraid I missed yesterday’s post.  I might miss tomorrow’s as well, but perhaps I can salvage that.

On the plus side, I ran a good game of D&D 5e last night for my campaign group that had been waiting 3 months for a session, and I should have a 1st draft outline of a longer Barium Deep piece up here sometime soon.  But until then, I’m afraid you’ll have to bear with me and wait.  Hasta luego.