More Barium: 9/4

At some point soon I might start giving you material from the second draft instead of continuing this. There are so many changes being made! A lot of them are small, but they add up. And, of course, there are a few big ones. Regardless, this rough material follows from the last post just like usual. Enjoy!

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More Barium: 9/3-4

You know how it goes. This “hot and fresh” first draft material picks up immediately from the last post, and is already almost obsolete. The new version of this scene, still only in my head, has a lot of the same trappings but feels quite different. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you too.

Until then, enjoy this!

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More Barium: 9/3

Like I said last time, this is all getting rewritten right now. It continues immediately from the last installment. Enjoy!

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More Barium: 9/2-3

I’ve got more things for you, but I have to say: at this point all this material (and everything you’ve already seen so far) is currently being edited. I think some themes will carry over, and some details will, but a good deal of it is going to be totally rewritten. Which is good, because it feels clumsy on my repeated┬áread-throughs.

That said, this picks up immediately after where the last section left off. Enjoy!

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More Barium: 9/2

The Barium Deep continues, with a smaller installation for today. This follows from the last bit. Enjoy!

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More Barium: 9/1-2

You know, I think I’m going to give you some extra today. I’ll give you new stuff, repost something I shared before, and add some more afterwards, because the bit in the middle is something you’ve already had a chance to see. This does pick up from the last post, here.


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More Barium: 9/1

Another direct follow up! The last piece is here, the next piece is right below the break.


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More Barium: 8/31-9/1

It’s that time of the week again. I know I said at the start of these that there was no guarantee anything would follow from the previous piece, but I seem to be trying to prove myself wrong. This picks up directly from where the last episode left off. It’s still entirely a rough draft. Have fun!

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More Barium: 8/31

As per last time, I have more Barium Deep for you! Yes, it picks up immediately again. This time, it also changes scenes!

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More Barium: 8/30-31

You know the drill by now. Or I hope you do. Rough draft stuff for your perusal. Also, this one does immediately follow the previous piece. Have fun!

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